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Tile and Grout Cleaning

High-Quality Tile & Grout Cleaning Melbourne

Carpet Cleaning World is Melbourne’s fastest growing tile and grout cleaners, we are able to clean your tiles & grout to the highest standards in Melbourne and Surrounding Suburbs.

With years of experience in the cleaning industry, we at Carpet Cleaning World claim that we are one of the top Tile & Grout cleaning service provider in Melbourne. We provide best cleaning solution for School, Hospital, Hotel, Motel, Restaurant, Showroom, Outdoor areas. By using a specially developed pre treatment solution and high pressure, hot water rinse, we can clean stone, ceramic tile and grout surfaces.

Our Specialised Team can clean the tiles throughout your home, restaurants, commercial buildings or offices:
  • Bathrooms floors and walls tiles
  • Showers tiles
  • Dining Room Tiles
  • Living Room Tiles
  • Laundry Tiles
  • Kitchen floors and walls tiles
  • Any floor or wall tiles throughout the house
  • Any floor tiles outside the house
Our powerful and exclusive 8 step tile and grout cleaning process will restore your tile to new condition. The process will remove those stubborn stains and years of soil build up safely, effectively and economically.
  • Pre-Inspection – carefully identifies the type and style of your tiles.
  • Careful movement of your furniture – Most furniture will be moved.
  • Dry sweeps the area – remove dry soiling and large particles.
  • Apply a specialized cleaning solution – Different tiles require different chemicals to achieve the best results.
  • Agitation with soft brush or pad to loosen soiling – Agitation will loosen soiling from the tiles.
  • High temperature and high pressure cleaning and extraction with highly equipment – No splash, No mess, No standing in water.
  • Dry the area – we place high-speed air movers to blow dries your floors. Finally, we recommend a cost for sealer to protect tile/grout.
  • Finally, we recommend a cost for sealer to protect tile/grout.