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Water and Flood damage restoration is the process of repairing and restoring your wet flooring and wet building materials after they have been flooded due to water loss. At Carpet Cleaning World West Melbourne the technicians are qualified and registered with IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) in Water Restoration Damage (WRT). Our Flood / Water Damage Restoration services in West Melbourne are operational with the best technology to dry all flooring and Structures (walls, ceilings, etc.)

Our Flood/Water Damage Restoration West Melbourne team considers delivering the best potential service, before the condition becomes any worse (I.e Mould).

West Melbourne's #1 Flood Damage Restoration Team! Over 16 Years Experience.

Carpet Cleaning World’s technicians are skilled and very prompt in water loss and provide satisfactory restoration and repair services. No matter how wet is your flooring due to water loss or how much water intruded inside the building envelope, our services can often reverse the damage, remove excessive water and restore your property to pre-loss conditions. Knowing the best possible technique and with expert knowledge helps to prevent secondary damage I.e mould.

Of course, you have to act very quickly and give us a call as soon as you know that flooding / water damage has occurred. The sooner our certified flood / water damage technicians get on the site, the better chances we will have to completely restore your Carpet / Flooring and property.

Carpet Cleaning World has a basic aim, “Quality Service at an Affordable Price”.

For all your Flood & Water Damage Restoration needs in West Melbourne

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Carpet Cleaning World team in West Melbourne use the most modern and versatile version of flood damage restoration equipment. For example High velocity air movers allow for the maximum amount of air to be circulated to assist with the drying process. Which can be placed under the carpet or on top of the carpet, can also be directed towards walls or other areas that are wet to dry your Home and Contents. Knowing the fact that Without the proper air circulation, water & flood damage restoration is nearly impossible. Technicians always aim not to leave any moisture mixed with humidity which can result in mould issues and mould can be dangerous to your health if prolonged.

Major Reasons of Flooding / Water Damage

Water damage can cause chaos in your life and your property. We have a dedicated team for flood / Water damage restoration in West Melbourne. There could be various reasons for water damage including:

  • Hot water unit burst/ leak
  • Leaking / Burst pipes
  • Washing machine overflow
  • Leaking Dishwasher
  • Bathtub flow
  • Blocked drains
  • Hail storms & rain water
  • Sewerage damage
  • Roof leakage

Emergency Wet Carpet Water Extraction In West Melbourne

Whether your washing machine has flooded, the dishwasher has leaked, a pipe has burst, or your roof has developed a leak, there’s no shortage of unexpected situations that might require emergency water extraction from your carpets. Water removal must take place before water is allowed to soak into the walls and floors.

Carpet water extraction using our trusted machines & methods, protects your home from mould and water damage. Let our highly experienced carpet water extraction technicians in West Melbourne handle everything for you.

Act Fast, Don’t Let The Damage Worsen! Call Our Carpet Water Extraction technicians Now! We're Available 24/7

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Effective steps at carpet cleaning world’s services to deal with water/flood damage:

  • Our Flood/Water Damage Restoration Technician in West Melbourne will inspect your flooded areas with special equipment to check the amount of water or moisture in affected areas.
  • Water is extracted by using high suction extraction machines.
  • Prevent any brown water stains on carpet by an anti-browning treatment.
  • Prevent any mould growth in affected areas by Mould treatment.
  • Prevent growth of germs and bacteria use anti microbial treatment.
  • Deodorised carpet by unique absorber deodoriser which not only covers the odour but attacks and eliminates the source of the odour.
  • The carpet is dry/steam clean by our best method.
  • Flood/Water damage assessment reporting to support your insurance claims.

Why Trust the Expertise of Carpet Cleaning World’s Technicians for Wet Carpet Drying & Cleaning, Water/Flood Damage Restoration in West Melbourne?


We know you have some choices, since Melbourne is a big city. There’s plenty of competition out there, not every team out there is equally as trained, certified and experienced. With our 16+ years of experience, we provide you with a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all our flood/water damage cleaning & restoration work.

Advanced Equipment:

We use the latest equipment and cutting edge technology that can extract every drop of water from the flooded carpet and underlay, to ensure we only deliver the best results. We use advanced water extraction equipment, leak detection and structural and dehumidification equipment, our machines are made as per Australian standards from good quality components and all are industry approved.


Our flood/water damage restoration technicians in West Melbourne are qualified by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) in Water Restoration Damage (WRT). You can rest assured that our technicians will remove all traces of water damage, moisture, odour control & sanitisation, and contaminants and allergens.

Emergency Service is Just a Phone Call Away!!

We provide emergency flood/water damage restoration in West Melbourne. All our IICRC certified technicians are Just a Phone Call Away, available 24 hours, 7 days a week.

For all your Flood & Water Damage Restoration needs in West Melbourne

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Step 1

Stop the water leak if possible.

Step 2

Secure your family and valuables.

Step 3

Call us on 0430 334 325 any time 24/7.

Step 4

Take photographs of the Water Damage.

Step 5

Move floor level & electrical items to dry location, if possible & when it is safe to do so.

Step 6

Do not walk in flood water or wet carpet.

Step 7

Arrange direct access for Carpet Cleaning World Technicians.

Step 8

Consider alternate short term living arrangements if required.

Wet Carpet Drying West Melbourne, Flood/Water Damage Restoration - Available 24 Hour 7 Days a Week

Carpet Cleaning World offers a professional emergency wet carpet drying service with an affordable cost in West Melbourne. Our West Melbourne's carpet drying experts can give a complete makeover to your carpets. We are one of the leading operators in this space and over the years have provided customers with excellent services. We provide 24/7 services and will come to your location in the shortest possible time. We are fully insured.

We accept credit cards, EFT, bank deposit and cash payments. We always try to make it easy for our customers.

For Emergency Wet Carpet Drying & Water Damage Carpet Cleaning needs in West Melbourne, Call us NOW! - We're Available 24/7

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How long does carpet take to dry flooded property?
The usual time for the drying of the carpet is between 7 – 12 hours if Extraction of excess water should begin immediately. This time can be significantly reduced if there is lower humidity, higher temperature and fresh air accessing the room. With our effective methods for water extraction, we can reduce the duration of the drying time. The duration of the drying depends on the thickness of the carpet too.

How much will Emergency Flood / Water Damage Restoration cost?
Why choose us for Carpet Water/Flood Damage Restoration?

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In emergency flood/water damage restoration, wet carpet drying & cleaning, our team is ready to provide quick and prompt service to restore your home and contents as soon as possible. We got Versatile range of drying equipment so that you don’t have to wait for hours on call with your insurance claim. Our technician uses a new technology reporting system as per insurance companies requirements.

Get Quick Emergency Response Team for Flood / Water Damage Repair and Restoration in West Melbourne

For all your Flood & Water Damage Restoration needs in West Melbourne

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