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Carpet Dry Cleaning Melbourne

Cheap Dry Carpet Cleaning services for Home & Offices in Melbourne

Carpet Cleaning World is most trusted name in carpet dry cleaning in Melbourne. We offers highly effective services for Dry carpet cleaning. Our technicians are reliable, friendly and take great pride in their work.

What is Dry Carpet Cleaning?

Dry Carpet Cleaning involves the use of specialised machines and chemicals, either in a foam or a powder form, which are either worked into carpets using a specially designed brush or simply allowed to seep into the carpet then vacuumed off, leaving carpet immediately clean and dry.

Suitable for People who are clean their house regular basis for that dry cleaning is most preferable. The most modern cleaning method, Dry Cleaning, has been given by carpet cleaning world Melbourne as it gives our customers the most systematic clean. It will leave the carpets feeling soft and looking great.

The dry cleaning done in case like the carpet is not much soil or who want to do clean their carpets episodic. The method is occur by the applying a cleaning solution onto the carpet, which is then agitated onto the surface of carpet by a special designed pad in a rotary motion. The carbonating, active solution uses low water quantity and low pressure application, and is non-toxic and safe for your family and pets.

Advantages of Dry Carpet Cleaning:
  • Very little water is used in this process, you do not have to wait on the carpet drying time. (Normally 1 hour – Drying Time).
  • Colors are protected; dry carpet cleaning process cannot fade your carpet’s color.
Disadvantages of Dry Carpet Cleaning:
  • Will not clean extremely soiled carpets in restaurants, hotels etc.
  • The dry carpet cleaning method does not cause any shrinkage or buckling of the carpet and is especially recommended on wool carpets.
  • It can be a little more expensive than traditional steam cleaning because of the cost of the chemical.
Our 5 Stage DRY Carpet Cleaning Process
  • Stage 1: Carpet is pre vacuumed
  • Stage 2: Carpet is pre-sprayed with water based dry carpet cleaning solution
  • Stage 3: Spots and stains are pre treated
  • Stage 4: Carpet is dry cleaned using the bonnet dry cleaning method encapsulation
  • Stage 5: Carpet is raked to reset the pile